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This just saved me. Having it put off the the far right was just annoying.


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Sorry for not really posting anything these days. Plush have been out of the question since my machine has actually been broken these past few months and money's been tight since I get paid sporadically. I'll take it in for repairs eventually. I mean, I COULD sew with my embroidery machine, but I just hate how it handles in comparison to my Singer. It does not make smooth turns at all. I don't like to sew at a snail's pace. My Brother machine is just not comfy for me. -A -;

As for sculpting, I've just been kind of uninspired.

I AM working on more customizing rather than making stuff from scratch. I have two more nendoroid repaints I'll be uploading soon and a new outfit for one of my plush(didn't mind hand sewing since it was small.)

I've also been kept busy by my newest love: My fish! I now have 3 betta fish and I've been tricking out their tank(it's a 30 gallon with dividers) every time I get some money in. They're just so pretty and fun. It's like two hobbies in one! I get to have pets AND plants! I still have a lot to learn about aquascaping and plant care though. It's like gardening. It's very fun to me. It's all so new!

My fish have actually been a big source of inspiration to me lately, so I might even get back into watercolor painting when I get some time.
I don't normally advertise things like this, but as a recently new owner of a betta fish, I'd like to ask my watchers and page viewers to please sign this petition:…

Teddy tanks are a horrible idea for ANY fish and I'd like to see them taken off the market(or at least remarketed for their other purposes. Such as candy bowls.) A few weeks ago, I probably would've thought this was cute. Like many people, I was very uninformed about betta care. But now, after doing a lot of research and now owning a betta of my own, I think this product is terrible.

The most obvious reason why this product is awful: ANIMALS ARE NOT TOYS!
And they should not be advertised like they are. I can only imagine the horrors fish kept in these tanks will go through when children carry the stuffed animal around. You'd think it would be common sense to not let children carry a fishtank around, but kids will be kids and as long as it's also a stuffed toy, they're going to do it. It's needlessly cruel to the fish. They can and will die from stress. Then you have a dead fish and a sad child. It's a no-win.

I'd appreciate anyone signing it. After falling for my betta, I hate to see these beautiful and intelligent fish being marketed like novelties that mean nothing.

And just as an extra, this thread shows before and after pictures of bettas. I just find it AMAZING how these fish can change with a properly sized tank, clean water, good food, and some TLC.…


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A bit about myself:

I finally am getting around to updating my page. I'm Ari and I love to create things. I enjoy trying out many different crafts, so if you watch me, you'll see everything from plush to drawings to sculptures!

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